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Jesus is the True Treasure

Bishop Alton Davis, Jr.

Sunday Service 6/29/14

Have you had an experience with God? Do you walk with him and talk with him? His sheep know his voice! Jesus is our treasure. Where your treasure is that's where your heart will be! Stay in the joy of the Lord! Jesus is eternal! Make him your true treasure.

I Have a Real Father and He is Good

Bishop Alton Davis, Jr.

Father's Day Service 6/15/14

Men! God will teach you agape love. A man can't be a protector and an abuser at the same time! Be mindful that your children are like an arrow; you are supposed to shoot them toward the will of God!

The Power of Pentecost

Bishop Alton Davis, Jr.

Sunday Service 6/8/14

Happy Birthday Church!! It's the day of Pentecost!! You want power in God? You want deliverance in God? You better learn how to praise Him! The Joy of the Lord is our strength!

I am in Him & He is in Me

Bishop Alton Davis, Jr.

Sunday Service 4/13/14

This life is temporary. You will have to stand before God and answer these questions: What did you do with my Son? Did you recieve Him or reject him?

Connected or Nah?

Whitney "ProVerbs" Davis

Youth Service 3/23/14

It's important to stay connected to God especially while you are being elevated. The higher you go the more you need Him. Are you connected or Nah?


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Watch What You Say

Mini Sermon Series


Bishop Alton Davis Jr preaches an awesome word about the power of your words! It doesn't matter what the circumstances are or what people say, what does God say?? WHAT DO YOU SAY??

Gathering of the Eagles Conference

Looking Unto Jesus WWM


Looking Unto Jesus Worldwide Ministries first Conference held at True Redemption Center hosted by: Bishop Alton Davis, Jr. and Pastor Michelle Davis

Diamond in the Rough Conference

Women of Empowerment


TRC's Women of Empowerment held their first conference on Empowering women through the word of God.

Hosted By: Bishop Alton, Davis, Jr. and Pastor Michelle Davis

Musical Guest: Cheneta Jones

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